Fox41: KY will not join health care reform lawsuit


Attorney General Jack Conway says Kentucky will not join a lawsuit claiming that health care reform is unconstitutional.

Conway says 14 attorneys general have filed two lawsuits over healthcare reform.  He says Kentucky will not join the lawsuit because he's not going to waste taxpayer dollars on what he calls a "political stunt."

Kentucky Representative Jeff Hoover, who is also the House Minority Floor Leader, along with members of the House Republican Caucus, wrote a letter to Conway.  They urged him to challenge the health care reform law. The letter says it's estimated that the legislation will cost taxpayers $300 million per year.

"I'm not going to commit resources of the Office of Attorney General of Kentucky when budget is being cut, in a time when in last couple of years, budget is being cut 26%. I'm not going to commit the resources of this office to a political stunt."

He says he doesn't believe the lawsuits have any merit. Most legal experts agree the U.S. Supreme Court will eventually decide whether health care reform is constitutional.

Conway is also running for U.S. Senate.

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