Tell President Obama: Don?t buckle!

Use the form on this page to sign Senator Harkin?s petition to President Obama urging him to stand strong and protect the middle class in the fiscal "cliff" negotiations. If we all stand together, we can strengthen President Obama?s hand without tying his hands.

President Obama:

We the undersigned stand with Senator Harkin and urge you to fight for the best deal for the middle class in the fiscal "cliff" negotiations by following these principles:

  1. Reject damaging cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid beneficiaries;

  2. Allow tax breaks for the wealthiest two percent to expire;

  3. Invest in short term spending to spur job creation;

  4. Ensure a 1-to-1 ratio of revenues to cuts; and

  5. Be willing to take no deal in the short term to get a better deal for the middle class.
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